Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mighty Life List

I was reading one of the blogs I follow today and found out about this great idea, Mighty Life List. You make a list of 100 or so  things you want to do before you go, some don't have to be so grand, just simple like bake a carrot cake.

So here is my Mighty Life List. Hopefully I will start to cross some of these off soon!

Live in NYC for a year - Learn to take great photos - Buy a great camera - Have/own 4 dogs at once - Buy and remodel an old house - Have a wine cellar - Shop at a Paris flea market - Run a half marathon - Hire a trainer and get ripped - Take a gourmet cooking class - Take golf lessons - Join a country club and play golf there regularly - Have a couples massage - Work at a event planner, event design - Stay at one of the hotels where your cabana is over the ocean - Get married on a beach - Find the man that will be my partner for the rest of my life - Have children - Decorate a nursery - Own a sports car - Go to Napa and do wine tours - Have clam chowder in a bread bowl on Fisherman's Wharf SF again - Live in a loft - Own a home again - Take a Meditainnan cruise - Throw a 5 course dinner party - Go to a PGA golf tournament again - See a Broadway show again - See Coldplay in concert - Have a picnic date - Volunteer more - Own a successful design firm - Stay at a Tuscany Villa and drink wine - Have a cafe' and croissant at a Parisian cafe - Go camping at least once a year - Start to sew and make pillows to sell - Read a book a month - Bake something once a week - Have a larger network of friends - Go to the Louvre with my mother - Go to a Cowboys or Rangers game with my dad and brother - Explore Dallas/Ft Worth more - Live in California again - See my children get married - Learn another language, I didn't retain all that spanish from high school and college - Have a shopping spree - Become involved in my church - Be the best possible mom I can be - Be the best wife I can be - To always have butterflies for my future husband - Never settle for status quo - See the Vatican - Be like Martha Stewart for Holidays and my kids birthday's - Post on my blog more - Invent something - Go to every state in the US - Dance in the rain - Drink Dom Perignon - Visit New England in the fall - Take a 3 week honeymoon - Take a dance class with my man - Give the best gift every time - Pay off all debt - Live in another country, if only for a few months - Go to Mardi Gras - Play golf at Pebble Beach - Re-tile a bathroom myself - See a fashion show again - Make and sell something on Etsy - Have a savings account with an actual amount of savings - Stand on the Eiffel Tower - Make Thanksgiving dinner for my family - Have a bonfire on a beach - Have a website - Ride in a helicopter over a volcano in Hawaii - Visit Croatia - See Machu Picchu in Peru  - Take my kids to Disneyland - Have a lobster roll in Maine - Go surfing - Make a list of all the restaurants I want to try and go to them - Be completely organized at home, closets, cabinets, storage - Take a spa weekend - Keep up with my tradition of getting a massage on my birthday - Start a tradition to throw myself a birthday party and invite as many people as I can - Make everything in the Mastering French Cooking Cookbook by Julia Child at least once - Read Pride & Prejudice.

That's about 89 for me.  Focusing on my list will help me become a better women, I hope. :-)