Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mighty Life List

I was reading one of the blogs I follow today and found out about this great idea, Mighty Life List. You make a list of 100 or so  things you want to do before you go, some don't have to be so grand, just simple like bake a carrot cake.

So here is my Mighty Life List. Hopefully I will start to cross some of these off soon!

Live in NYC for a year - Learn to take great photos - Buy a great camera - Have/own 4 dogs at once - Buy and remodel an old house - Have a wine cellar - Shop at a Paris flea market - Run a half marathon - Hire a trainer and get ripped - Take a gourmet cooking class - Take golf lessons - Join a country club and play golf there regularly - Have a couples massage - Work at a event planner, event design - Stay at one of the hotels where your cabana is over the ocean - Get married on a beach - Find the man that will be my partner for the rest of my life - Have children - Decorate a nursery - Own a sports car - Go to Napa and do wine tours - Have clam chowder in a bread bowl on Fisherman's Wharf SF again - Live in a loft - Own a home again - Take a Meditainnan cruise - Throw a 5 course dinner party - Go to a PGA golf tournament again - See a Broadway show again - See Coldplay in concert - Have a picnic date - Volunteer more - Own a successful design firm - Stay at a Tuscany Villa and drink wine - Have a cafe' and croissant at a Parisian cafe - Go camping at least once a year - Start to sew and make pillows to sell - Read a book a month - Bake something once a week - Have a larger network of friends - Go to the Louvre with my mother - Go to a Cowboys or Rangers game with my dad and brother - Explore Dallas/Ft Worth more - Live in California again - See my children get married - Learn another language, I didn't retain all that spanish from high school and college - Have a shopping spree - Become involved in my church - Be the best possible mom I can be - Be the best wife I can be - To always have butterflies for my future husband - Never settle for status quo - See the Vatican - Be like Martha Stewart for Holidays and my kids birthday's - Post on my blog more - Invent something - Go to every state in the US - Dance in the rain - Drink Dom Perignon - Visit New England in the fall - Take a 3 week honeymoon - Take a dance class with my man - Give the best gift every time - Pay off all debt - Live in another country, if only for a few months - Go to Mardi Gras - Play golf at Pebble Beach - Re-tile a bathroom myself - See a fashion show again - Make and sell something on Etsy - Have a savings account with an actual amount of savings - Stand on the Eiffel Tower - Make Thanksgiving dinner for my family - Have a bonfire on a beach - Have a website - Ride in a helicopter over a volcano in Hawaii - Visit Croatia - See Machu Picchu in Peru  - Take my kids to Disneyland - Have a lobster roll in Maine - Go surfing - Make a list of all the restaurants I want to try and go to them - Be completely organized at home, closets, cabinets, storage - Take a spa weekend - Keep up with my tradition of getting a massage on my birthday - Start a tradition to throw myself a birthday party and invite as many people as I can - Make everything in the Mastering French Cooking Cookbook by Julia Child at least once - Read Pride & Prejudice.

That's about 89 for me.  Focusing on my list will help me become a better women, I hope. :-)

Monday, June 27, 2011

July Forth-Red, White and Blue

I can't believe 4th of July is a week away! AHHH! I don't want the summer to be going by so fast. Well these hot summer days have kept me busy by the pool, and I'm looking forward to the 4th for some more fun in the sun and bbq. I haven't been eating red meat, but I will make an exception come next Monday.


Monday, June 13, 2011


I have become obsessed with Pinterest, a social site where you post pictures from the web you like to your profile. It's a great way to show off things you love. Please visit my profile, and if you are a Pinterest member follow me!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators

Well, I don't have cable. And I sorta heard this show was going to start on Bravo, but then I forgot about it. One of the blogs a read reminded me that the first episode was on a few nights ago!! I will somehow find it on-line to watch. Today I researched all the designers on the show. The only one I'm familiar with is Mary McDonald(which is my fav!), but all the designers are great. Can't wait to watch and see how they work.

Mary McDonald is traditional and glam. Uses color to perfection.

Jeffery Alan Marks, traditional and comfortable elegance.

Kathryn Ireland, Relaxed Bohemiem

Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Eclectic and Fun.

Nathan Turner. Relaxed, California Feel. 

The designers.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding Design-Navy and Yellow

I love this wedding in California. The color scheme of Navy and Yellow is so fun and fresh. Check out the full feature HERE. on Style Me Pretty.

Friday, February 18, 2011


I discovered this new bridal/event brand, BHLDN, created by Urban Outfitters. Vintage inspired bridal gowns, bridesmaid dress, shoes, accessories, and even lingerie. Sorta wanting to plan a wedding right now!!